Tuesday, February 28, 2012

<3 Hello Kitty

We LOVE Hello Kitty!
Today In Kiley's lunch bag...

 ....grapes, oranges, raspberries, and a giant strawberry... *with two little treats (a fruit gummy and a strawberry marshmallow) tucked in too*                      -in a lunchbots tin.... 

& in her Hello Kitty bento box she has,
.... chopped avocado, mini nitrate-free hotdogs, and a little pita pocket... 
with Hello Kitty Cheese (with fruit leather accents)and a little bottle of soy sauce. 

She also has a yogurt pouch, and a mango-kefir smoothie in her thermos. 
Kiley is making her "CHEESE" face for the camera as she heads off to school! She can't wait to show Ms.Terri her "gorgeous lunch"!
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